Garden of Sanity

Garden of Sanity is a New Zealand alternative rock group that was formed in July 2012 by John Foubister and Bevan Mathews. The duo have been creating music together since 1998 and now have a significant number of songs ready to record and release.

In 2012 G.O.S recorded their debut song spellbound at York St Studio with bass player Ben King of Golden Horse / Grand Rapids and drummer Will Scott of Solarosa / Anika Moa.

Deuce Management & Promotion of the United Kingdom took Spellbound and has already placed it on radio in more than 25 countries.

John, Bevan, Ben & Will recorded Garden of Sanity’s 2nd song “Broken Man” at York St Studio, Auckland in 2012 and the 3rd song “Haunting” at Neil Finns Auckland Studio in 2013.

Haunting and Broken Man are now being released for the 1st time on Garden of Sanity’s 1st EP which also includes their debut single “Spellbound”

Bevan’s music style has been heavily influenced
by Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, Ronnie
James Dio and Ozzy Osborne. Many say Bevan’s
vocal sound is comparable to Ozzy Osborne.
John’s influences also include Ozzy Osborne as
well as Lita Ford, The Cult, Noise Works and The
Angles. Johns palm muting rhythm has evolved
from a blend of The Angles and other influences.
Garden of Sanity is a Rock Alternative fusion.
release early 2013.